About Us

I have been flying in some capacity for the last 30 years. I have been in many GA airports and noticed several good ones but many not so good. I have flown mostly out of the Lebanon TN. Airport. About 10 years ago Mike and Mary Priest started running the FBO there. It was a very friendly, home style airport during that time, probably one of the friendliest in the state. Flyerís around all the time with stories, food and just good company. Miss Mary cooked some of the best food you ever had and plenty of it. The kind of airport you just came out to see what was going on.

Upon retirement from Nissan after 29 years, I found myself with many hobbies to work on but the love of flying was number one. The Gallatin M33 airport came up for lease about that time, so I thought I would try to make the same type of friendly environment. A friend of mine, Paul Rotenberry retired from Yellow had the same dream and love of flying as myself, so he came on board with me to run this airport. We lowered fuel prices to get planes in the air again. We started cooking, although not as good as Miss Mary’s, itís not bad. We started monthly flying of different types and got the EAA chapter charged up to help. We now have one of the best breakfast in the state on each second Saturday of every month. We have a little rental fleet that stayís flying daily. We probably pump as much fuel as any GA airport around. We have a top notch mechanic to keep all the planes in great shape. We actually have one the nicest, cleanest, friendliest airports in the state of Tennessee.

Our motto is Food, Flying, Family and Fun and thatís exactly what we do. Stop by and see us whenever you can. Tell me if itís working or not.

Mike McCartney CEO, GTO Aviation